5 Tips on How to Look Sharp for Business

Looking sharp and professional for your business engagement is a must. People often think that business dressing is complex and difficult to crack, but it's not true at all. There are two things you have to remember – attention to detail and maintaining consistency.


Let us break it down for you. To be absolutely spot-on with your business look, you have to pay attention to the smallest of details, such as the color of your belt, the style of your hair, or the type of watch you wear. Now coming to consistency, you simply have to ensure the colors you wear either complement each other, or coordinate with each other. When in doubt, stick to a basic color palette.


Here are 5 tips on how to look sharp for business.

1. Back to Basics

Start by choosing a nicely tailored shirt. Light shades like white and blue work the best, but you could choose black or grey as well – just make sure you have a trouser and a blazer that go well with the shirt. Invest in a high-quality basic shirt so it stays crisp, looks versatile, and you feel comfortable wearing it during long meetings. The finish should be elegant and not flashy – cotton is your best choice in this regard. And most importantly, the shirt has to fit you properly, so you look sharp and polished.

2. Neat Trousers

The next step is trousers. Shades of black, grey, blue, or brown work the best for business setups, as they tend to be more versatile. If you're wearing a light-colored shirt, pair it up with a darker shade of trousers, and vice versa. They have to fit you really well, so make sure you have tried them on beforehand. Avoid casual trousers, and opt for strict formals because they make you look polished and business-ready, more so if you work in an office with a stringent dress code.

3. The Quintessential Blazer

Of course, you can't leave out blazers while discussing how to look sharp for business. A blazer gives a nice structure to your look and instantly makes you look put-together. The blazer or suit jacket should be of the same color as your trousers, as it helps maintain the uniformity of the look. If your work demands you to be dressed in full formals, you should play by the rules, and choose solid, time-tested shades. If you want to add some character to your look, try checked blazers – they are stylish but also ideal for formal events and meetings.

4. Right Shoes & Accessories

Once you're sorted with your attire for the day, you can move to shoes and accessories. Wear a pair of formal shoes that fit well. Sticking to the timeless black or brown shoes would be the best option, as you don't want to be too experimental here. As for accessories, wearing a watch is a must. Again, we would recommend you stick to classic and elegant watches, rather than the sporty ones. One more tip, make sure your belt matches your shoes.

5. Well-Groomed Appearance

Besides your clothing, your appearance should be on-point. Whether you wear your hair short or long, it must be well-groomed. The same rule applies to your beard. You could go clean-shaven, or keep a trimmed down stubble for a clean, professional look. If your hair feels unkempt, don't shy away from applying hair gel. As for your skin, apply a good moisturizer and sunscreen to keep it looking healthy.


Final Thoughts

The key to ace your polished business look is confidence. So the next time you're headed to crack an important business deal, don't forget to have faith in your abilities and present yourself to the world in an elegant way.

And for your sartorial needs, build up a capsule wardrobe with some basic but classic pieces, such as a few premium quality shirts, one or two blazers, some solid and well-tailored trousers, and formal shoes. You can mix and match these on days when you're running late but have an important meet-up at work.

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