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At ATICA we are constantly looking to offer the best possible products to our customers. Beginning with Material sourcing, fabric mills and down to the last detailing stitch, we leave nothing untouched until we are completely satisfied and convinced that we are developing the best men’s shirting available.

At this point in history, (almost:) All gentleman will agree that: The Non-Iron Dress shirt is to be considered a “Staple” item in every man’s wardrobe. Thanks to its convenience and high performance.

But we all have experience with the downside of non-iron treatment including: 

Discoloring/yellowing, shredding of the fabric ends, stiffness of fabric and the list goes on.


At ATICA we source our shirting collection from manufacturers that use a better method for creating the non-iron finish. Unlike the average noniron shirt which is highly treated with strong chemicals In order to prevent wrinkles and shrinkage.

ATICA Shirts achieve their Non-Iron finish through a specially developed High-performing chemical process. Only after selecting the highest quality fabrics and quality checking for weaknesses .The fully manufactured shirt is dipped in a chemical resin. The non-iron treatment saturates the entire shirt, bonding the cotton fibers to each other at a molecular level, making the fabric much more difficult to crease. The shirt is then heat cured to lock in the non-iron treatment. Finally, the shirt is pressed, quality controlled and packaged.

This process ensures a long-lasting shirt with a Softer feeling fabric that does not Discolor or shred. 

In our New Collection you will find a selection of specially curated fabrics and shirt styles designed for the modern man with strong values of class and elegance.

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