Everything You Need to Know About the Benefits of COOLMAX© Technology.

Imagine clothing that stands apart from the rest. Not only for a certain look and style but for inherent, purposeful qualities. Different, but not immediately noticeable. A knowing advantage offering an edge, without being boastful. Sometimes it’s the differences that makes something special. Are you looking for clothing made with fabric that delivers what is promised? COOLMAX© could be the one for you.


What is COOLMAX© Technology?

If you haven’t heard of moisture-wicking technology before, you’re in for an unexpected delight.

For a fabric to declare this feature, it has two key roles to play. Firstly, to quickly move sweat from the body to the outer surface of the fabric. Secondly, the quick-drying elements kick in to ensure the fabric is never saturated.

As a result, wearers find a more comfortable experience. This technology allows the body to regulate its temperature more efficiently, removing any stickiness and replacing it with dryness. But wait. The benefits don’t end there. COOLMAX© offers fabric created from sustainable resources. For those looking for apparel that not only looks and feels exceptional, you will be pleased to know that these fibers are made from 100% recyclable resources.

You may have just found your favorite fabric.



Originally designed for clothing suited to outdoor activities and more extreme physical exercise, COOLMAX© has now entered into the world of work apparel, and even special occasion wear.

When combined with a great timeless design, the benefits of COOLMAX© make it some of the most wearer-friendly fabrics available.

  • Lightweight – Clothing will not sit heavily on your skin.
  • Fine Fabric - The fibers are soft and non-scratchy.
  • Take A Breath – The breathability of COOLMAX© fabric is one of its finest and most loved qualities. Will not trap in heat or sweat rather drawing away moisture to help you keep cool and feel fresher longer.
  • Beat the Heat – Superior moisture management. Designed to draw moisture away from your skin.
  • Durable and Hard Wearing- Built to stand up to everyday wear and tear. COOLMAX© fibers are resistant to fading, stubborn wrinkling, and shrinking. Clothing will keep its shape.
  • Moves With You – Freer body movement allows a new level of comfort.
  • Fast Drying – Whether on your body or hanging up after laundering, clothing will dry sooner.


Everything You Need. Nothing You Don’t.

The benefits of COOLMAX© are permanent. They won’t wash off or become less effective as time passes. Lending itself to corporate wear or any special occasion, the choice is yours. Yes, you can have the best of both worlds. Trouble-free, elegant shirts that let you keep your agility and confidence no matter where your day takes you.


Breathe Life into Every Day

Our clothes need to breathe too. So why is breathability important in a shirt? Fabrics that breathe assist us with some very important aspects of our health. They prevent us from overheating causing drastic changes in temperature which can result in heat stress.

While sweating is our body’s natural cooling mechanism, we can sweat to the point of discomfort. When we choose clothing that helps transfer heat and moisture, we allow our body to cope better due to a more succinct airflow.


The Apparel for You

Our days can vary from one day to the next. Corporate functions, dinner at a favorite restaurant, or the much-needed date night, the one thing we all have in common is the wish to make an impression. But there is more to it than that. It is essential we feel comfortable.

Our comfort level has an innate ability to give us away.  When we are comfortable, it shows. On our faces, and in our demeanor. When our clothing is comfortable, we become next-level confident. Our mere presence in a room elevates.

What if there was an equalizer? A solution for every man’s day.

Elegant, timeless, and considered attire is achievable with COOLMAX©. This technology, when incorporated into beautiful men’s dress shirts will support the desire for style and comfort without having to compromise on detail.

Look good, and feel great.


So Where to Next?

Maybe it’s time to try COOLMAX© technology. Check out our shirts embracing the advantages of this modern application.

Sophisticated and innovative, Atica shirts are always elegant with wrinkle-resistant, breathable, four-way stretch, and moisture-wicking properties that keep men comfortable and confident all day long.

For the best in elegant, stylish comfort browse our products, or contact us. Once you’re ready to go, you can also enjoy our free shipping and returns.

Born and bred on the streets of Brooklyn, NY, we started our business to offer the best in men’s dress shirts. This commitment continues today.

Let us help you create the best look, for every occasion.


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