EVERYDAY Lavender Micro Grid Shirt

$36.00 $78.00
Shirt Fit:
Capture effortless sophistication with the EVERYDAY Lavendar Micro Grid Shirt. Made of premium, wrinkle-resistant, non-iron fabric, this versatile shirt provides a timeless look whether you choose to tuck it in or leave it untucked. With a hidden button down collar and an embroidered gusset, this sophisticated shirt will have you looking refined and sleek


Classic fit has a pocket

Contemporary fit has NO pocket

Premium Fabric
Embroidered Gusset
1-3/8" Set-Placket
Versatile Tucked or Untucked
Classic Fit with Pocket
Contemporary Fit, No Pocket

Non–Iron and wrinkle resistant
Our shirts are crafted to always look perfect
minimal care needed
Just follow these simple steps:
Machine wash on a delicate cycle
Dry at low heat setting
Hang promptly

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